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Dear Fellow Land Surveyors: is an idea to help us all find a few more jobs we really want. Since I began surveying it was very clear how valuable an update or a neighboring job was. is not about giving away your work product. Rather, it is about making the best use of your job archive to the mutual advantage of your business, the consumer, and other professionals. does NOT include file sharing. The only data you upload are addresses of jobs that you have solved and would like to work near again. When a consumer enters a site address within 2000 feet of a job you’ve uploaded, your contact information is returned to them. Simply put, places your business card on the screen of consumers who need a survey near your work.

     If a search doesn’t yield any surveys near by, the secondary search is by business address. won’t replace all your other marketing strategies. We have a comprehensive plan to reach consumers on your behalf. If yields even one lead that comes through, won’t your subscription will have paid for itself? is a subscription service for Surveying Professionals. Please let me know if you have any remarks or ideas for our future, or if you would like to become a wholesaler in your area.

Sincerely, Curtis M. Johnson, PLS
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